Paratoxic Paradoxes Dumpsite

Curator: Nadja Argyropoulou.

Design: Eva Papamargariti, Vassiliki-Maria Plavou.

Web Development: Phaidon Gialis.

Production for PCAI, 2017.

The Paratoxic Paradoxes project has a virtual dumpsite, designed by Eva Papamargariti and Vassiliki Maria Plavou as an online parasitic body living in the PCAI site.


The Paratoxic Paradoxes project has a virtual dumpsite, and you are now entering its parasitic body.

You are invited to read it as Michel Serres’s “Stercorian Atlas”, where “growing appropriation has piled up hundreds of networks of marks, stains and signposts”.

The project-related team (artists, curator, organizers, designers, various interlocutors) will be throwing in materials that communicate with  the exhibition by challenging (or contaminating) its theories, content and form.

Links, images, texts, references, indecipherable symbols, apparitions, unclean contradictions, quasi objects, things that are repulsive and attractive, perittā, will be piling up, anarchically, asymmetrically, subject to contingency and circumstance.

You can dig in and decide what to salvage, reuse, criticise, bury deeper or ignore; to test how disposal can become dis-appropriation, liberation, of at least one site.