Project developed during the Omni[Progra]Chromatic Advanced Design Workshop at the New Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, 2012.

Project exhibited at X|A Sweet Architecture Workshop exhibition and at X|A Omni[Progra]Chromatic Workshop exhibition  at the New Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, (December- July) 2012.

Tutors: Erick Cárcamo, Nefeli Chatzimina (X|Atelier)

[Carpo]fora: the girl and the garden


Carpofora is the descendant of a mythical intercourse between man and nature. Cherishing characteristics of both families, she holds and grows a garden at her back. The garden blossoms, when she falls in love. The garden grows and becomes a shelter. Her blood feeds the fruit (carpos), and her lovers are fed by her fruit. From carpos to corpse, Carpofora and her lovers an ephemeral living, a shade and a taste.

Design addresses the scenario by inventing mutations of muscles to botanical elements. Thus, two series of exoskeleton components are shaped in order to support within leaves or fruit. The outcomes are re-assembled in bigger variations, forming new genealogies. Components aggregate and adjust at the body forming Carpofora's garden. Componets' endings are plugged in Carpofora's body and function as organs. Garden and girl grow and decay as one.




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